m&m’s – Mocha Mudcake

Cut the Sh1t I don’t want to read all this…

I think m&m’s are getting really good at this whole ‘let’s make a new flavour’ thing, because here they are with another fine sounding flavour, Mocha Mudcake.

First up, I am not much of a coffee guy. I do drink and enjoy coffee, but I am perfectly fine with drinking cheap instant. Special Blend is my favourite. Mocha is a type coffee, right? Better get the team on this one.

After laughing at my ignorance for several hours, the team eventually informed me that mocha is a combination of espresso and chocolate. So, cacao and coffee beans – now you might think that these two beans are closely related because I did – which started another round of belly clutching laughter from the researchers – but they are not.

I was told, as they wiped tears of laughter from their eyes, that the plant which produces coffee is in the Rubiaceae family whereas we get cocoa and therefore chocolate from a plant from the Malvaceae family. I wiped the less than joyful tears from my own eyes and took out my notebook to reveal the next piece of information:

The name mocha actually comes from coffee beans that were exported from Al Moka -known as Moka beans – they had a distinctive chocolatey flavor that made them very popular in Europe. As far as I can tell the chocolatey taste of Moka beans inspired the adding of chocolate to espressos and referring to them as ‘mocha’.

So ha-sh1ttin-ha, research team! I was almost right, technically ‘mocha’ or I guess, more accurately ‘moka’, IS a coffee bean. But in this case I think we are going for the flavour of coffee and chocolate baked into a cake.

These were hideously misshapen monstrosities when I shook a few out of the package, but throwing a handful into my mouth again reminded me not to judge a book by it’s cover. These were delicious – rich and tasted of coffee and chocolate, just promised. The texture was a nice surprise though, the centre of each m&m was the mud cake part and had a slightly chewy quality much like a brownie or a maybe a mud cake? Are mud cakes chewy usually?

m&m's mocha mud cake ingredient list and nutritional values


Mochamon: Ultimate Journeys – 7.5/10

Cut the sh1t:

What does m&m mocha mud cake taste like?

Tastes like milk chocolate with a rich coffee flavour. Sweet, not too strong and the mocha mud cake centre is slightly chewy.

Where can I buy m&m mocha mud cake?

New World Supermarket. Click below:

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