Haribo – Vulcano F!zz

Cut the Sh1t I don’t want to read all this…

Approximately 14 km below the surface of the earth the exploration module, Haribo comes to a rest in a large cavern. Its spinning drive-screws slowly wind down to come to a rest. Silence – The great spotlights mounted flush with the modules hull click on and fill the cavern with light and an audible hum.

This cavern, later studied, had never seen light in the 320 million years since the small bubble of void had opened in the stuff making up the crust. Light was never supposed to be here. This was never meant to be seen. As the faces of the three crew members filled the observation portholes angled along the body off the exploration craft, their mouths dropped open in awe.

This was it, the exact sort of thing the Haribo had been designed to find. Although none of them could’ve known the exact nature of the many igneous jelly-like deposits littering the subterranean walls and floor, all of them felt that this discovery was significant.

This is how I imagine that this new one from Haribo, V̶o̶l̶c̶a̶n̶o̶ wait, what? Vul-cano. Okay, Vulcano F!zz, came into existence.

These are a gummy confectionery and have an unusually robust consistency. You won’t be able to bite through this straight away unless your bite force is well above the average.

This necessitates a unique eating experience, you have to crush these with your teeth several times(more commonly referred to as chewing) before you break through and a sour liquid erupts into your mouth, like a V̶o̶l̶c̶a̶n̶o̶ sorry, Vulcano.

It is very much like eating a tide pod except it tastes a lot better and won’t kill you, unless you die slowly from an obesity related illness because they taste so good.

3 different flavours in the packet:

Grapefruit & sour apple
Lemon & sour apple
Blood orange & sour apple

But it looks like all are filled with the same sour apple flavoured liquid.

I like these – not super sour, the texture feels great to chew and the liquid explosion makes these a lot of fun to eat. Not sure what the f!zz part in the name is supposed to mean though.

Lava long and prosper – 7/10

Cut the sh1t:

Does Haribo Vulcano F!zz taste good?

Yes! A unique eating experience due to the gummy outer shell and sour liquid center, Haribo Vulcano F!zz has 3 flavours in the packet: Grapefruit & sour apple, Lemon & sour apple and Blood orange & sour apple.

Where can I buy Haribo Vulcano F!zz?

New World Supermarket. Click below:

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