Eta – Cornados – Smoky BBQ

A new snack from Eta has touched down!!

Well, this has been out for a while now, but I am still going to call it new because I haven’t got around to writing a review for it yet. I am pretty excited about this one because we haven’t really seen an actual unique new snack for a long while now…

A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that stretches from the earth up into a cloud above and is caused by atmospheric conditions involving the cyclonic movement of warm and cool air.

A ‘Cornado’ is a special variety of tornado that pulls large amounts of predominantly corn from the earth, into it’s vortex and hurls it up into the clouds above. You may have heard of a Sharknado before – same thing except with corn instead of sharks.

Cornados are famously common in Kansas, where both huge tracks of flat corn fields and volatile storm weather create 10s of cornados each year. In fact, way back in 1939, long before the hit 2013 movie ‘Sharknado’, a movie called ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was made, documenting a young woman’s exploration of the inside of a particularly violent cornless, Cornado.

These are a corn based snack woven into the shape of tiny cornados and coated in tasty, salty and very ample BBQ flavouring. I tried the Hot and Spicy flavour too and it was neither hot nor spicy, but was still good and tangy and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. The texture and mouth feel of these little funnels are amazing. +1 point for texture alone. It says both “crisp and crunchy” and “irresistibly moreish” and although I hate the word “moreish”, both of the statements are 100% true.

So these aren’t totally unique though – I have seen sh1t like this before in the international aisle at the local supermarket, but Cornados are a welcome addition to the NZ snack market, in my opinion.

My one complaint is these tiny conical, funnel shapes are frustratingly flattened for some reason meaning that unless you have very small or flat fingers you can’t put them on your fingers and pretend to be the wicked witch of the west. -1 point.

Not in Kansas anymore – 7/10

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