Wild Sugar – Cookies

Wild Sugar cookies

Guess who just sent me some baked goods to try? Say hello to the new sh1t on the block, WildSugar
Seems Wild Sugar has been up late cooking me some cookies.

Why are cookies baked? The word ‘cookie’ has always suggested to me that they should be cooked not baked. And folk who bake the cookies are bakers not cooks. Are cooks even allowed to bake things or has the bakers union lobbied for some sort of legislation preventing other food based vocations from baking?

‘Cooking’ apparently describes any method of preparing food by heating. Baking is a more specific term used to describe using hot, dry air to effect mixtures of ingredients in a specific way.

Furthermore, the word cookie doesn’t even come directly from the same origins as the word cook (old english: ‘cōc’ heheh…😏). It has made a detour to reach the dutch ‘koek’ meaning cake, before ‘koekje’ meaning ‘little cake’ and finally returning to english as ‘cookie’. – sh1t. I might just learn the Turkish language and forget about stupid english.

I received a total of 6 monstrous sized cookies:

2x Reece’s peanut butter cookies
2x Caramilk milk chocolate
Aaaand 2x red velvets cookies.

It was actually more cookie than I am normally accustomed to eating, but after trying a bite or two, I just started stuffing them in my face with both hands and groaning “uuuhmnomnomnomomom” like that blue puppet that eats cookies. Grover, I think his name was.

Each of these cookies was absolutely top tier sh1t, every cookie needs to up their game to compete with Wild Sugar. Move over, previous favourite the Subway cookie. Seriously these were the best cookies I have ever had in my whole life. Each was c̶o̶o̶k̶e̶d̶ baked perfectly, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. For an extra soft inner cookie, one can just heat in the microwave for 20 seconds or so.

My favourite was the Reece’s one. It was full of chunks of chocolate and tasted very much of a peanut butter cup, even had that amazing signature sweet, salty peanut butter flavour.

Pretty Wild – 8.5/10

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