Whittaker’s Peanut Slab Ice Cream Bar

Whittaker’s –or wait, no– Tip-Top – Peanut Slab Ice Cream Bar

Happy Mother’s day again everyone.

With the weather getting colder, I figured it was high time I tried what some have called the best ice cream bar ever to have graced this particular thread of reality, the Whittaker’s Peanut Slab Chocolate Ice Cream Bar. Nothing quite like a freezing cold ice cream bar on a cold autumnal day.

Even though this sh1t has been out for like over a year now, I have been hunting for this for over like a year now and up until very recently had never seen it. I was beginning to think people were taking the piss, making up some amazing sounding ice cream bar, recommending it, then sniggereing at me behind my back as I dutifully went about trying to secure one for a review.

Perhaps people have stopped buying out all of the stock in every freezer within a 10km radius of me because of the colder weather, but I have started to see more and more these recent days, and finally I have one of these fabled slabs in my icy hands.

I have mentioned it before, but Whittaker’s seems to have become NZ most popular foodstuff manufacturers, everyone seems to want to do a crossover with them and it seems every other day I am doing a Whittaker’s ‘some sh1t or another’ review. What if I told you that this is actually made by Tip-Top?

That’s right the whole damn packet is mocked up to look like the famous Whittaker’s Peanut Slab except for a splash of livery in the left tip top corner proudly (or not so proudly) identifying itself as a Tip-Top product. Seems Tip-Top found a way to make more sales – use some Whittaker’s chocolate in your product and disguise it as Whittaker’s product. Nice! This tactic is a sound one and has been used in nature since before we as a species walked the earth, it is called mimicry.

In saying all of that – this sh1t is gooood. Nothing wrong with Tip-Top chocolate ice cream and adding a Whittaker’s chocolate coating and packing with peanuts does very much make this taste like an ice creamed peanut slab.

I don’t care who makes this – 8/10

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