Whittakers – GingerBread Block

On the first day of sh1tmas…

Finally December and now I feel like it is ok to start posting some Christmas sh1t. Even though I hate christmas it seems to be one of the more popular holidays – even here in New Zealand where we have the seasons the wrong way around to properly celebrate the winter solstice.

Let’s start with Whittakers GingerBread Block because it was first this year and came out just in time for Halloween for some reason. I assumed at the time that this was for Christmas and not Halloween because it had a little ‘To:/From:’ tag on the front like a Christmas present. 

Could be that the intention was to write ‘To: the little sh1t dressed up as Roblox From: sh1teater’ on the front before dropping the entire block of GingerBread chocolate into their Trick or Treat bags.

That would probably make my house the most popular house in the neighbourhood for Halloween and with a healthy dose of increasing inflationary pressure this year, I don’t think I could afford to distribute all of those Whittaker’s blocks like some sort of Halloween Santa Claus.

Also GingerBread is a Christmas thing right? I can find thousands of articles across the internet stating that gingerbread and gingerbread houses are indeed an entrenched Christmas tradition, but most of them are sh1tty, copy/paste A.I. generated garbage and no one seems to know how it became traditional. I would be very interested if you know or have an interesting theory as to why. 

This was Whittaker’s 33% milk chocolate, which we all know is good, that had little smashed up chunks of gingerbread littered all through it. The gingerbread had a satisfying crunch in contrast to the smooth chocolate as it was the hard, crunchy kind not the soft, breadier kind. 

And it tasted like gingerbread too, I wasn’t expecting it, but Whittaker’s really came through with what I think of as a traditional gingerbread, it even had a good spicy kick of ginger, in fact the gingerbread maybe was a little too strong in taste and the chocolate was pushed into the background.

The Gift of Gingerbread – 8/10

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