Whittaker’s – Creamy Milk – Coconut Block

Yes folks, it is another block of chocolate. It seems every time I review a block of chocolate I get a deluge of requests to try a better chocolate block. This is never more true than when I review a block of chocolate that ISN’T from @whittakersnz . I chose the Coconut Block as @_foodfanatic recommended I compare it in my recent Golden Rough post, and actually I think that is a fine idea.

I am not sure how or why a large number of Whittaker’s shill accounts have infiltrated my followers, but my research tema and I have come up with two distinct possibilities:

The first possibility is that Whittaker’s has been going through my follower list and paying some of you to write shit like “Whittaker’s is better” in the comment section of any posts I make about Cadbury or Nestlé. If this is the case, then well played Whittaker’s, well played.

The second possibility is that Whittaker’s is just that much better than other brands of chocolate available here and their “good, honest” approach to chocolate has won them the loyalty of their customers. If this is the case, then even weller played Whittaker’s, even weller played…

This, the coconut incarnation of a Whittakers block, is made with a 33% Cocoa, milk chocolate that has been 5 roll refined, which as everyone knows is much better than 4 roll refined. Actually everyone doesn’t know, because I don’t know what roll refined is and had to ask. Basically, there is a big machine that crushes the chocolate ingredient together between steel rollers. This one has 5, which I understand is considered a lot, and produces a smoother well blended chocolate with no grittiness.

This block came across as much less sweet than the Golden Rough, not sure if it actually was less sweet because Whittaker’s chocolate had a much richer and deeper chocolate flavour. The coconut in the ‘Rough’ was more sweet and had a crystalline quality whereas in this block it was more like the lightly toasted coconut you might find in your trail mix. I found this superior to Golden Rough in every way.

This ain’t Rough, but it is golden – 7.5/10

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