Whittaker’s – Carrot Cake Chocolate Bar

Hope all you mother folks out there had a fine Mother’s Day. whittakersnz made some special sh1t to make sure that we could “make Mother’s Day everyday” which doesn’t really work in my opinion – people tend to get used to things quickly, and if everyday was Mother’s Day it wouldn’t really be special, would it? If all days are Mother’s Day then is there even a Mother’s Day at all? 

And what of Father’s Day? Sorry dad, Father’s Day is now Mother’s Day. 

Oh, it’s your wedding anniversary/birthday/Christmas/Ramadan?

Who cares? It’s mother’s day. 

Sorry about this everyone, but every date of significant importance is cancelled. 

It is Mother’s Day.


My mother has so far successfully hatched several broods, her offspring numbering in the thousands, so of course she deserves recognition for her great work carrying on the evolution of the species and for this, me and 1000s of my immediate siblings give tribute in the form of cards, breakfast in bed and Whittaker’s carrot cake chocolate. 

There is also a Strawberries and Waffle one that I have heard is very good too and I agonised for weeks about which of these to try, but I remember my mum made a carrot cake once.

This chocolate was smooth and creamy and very sweet, but possibly due to the thinner squares of chocolate, seemed to go down lightly. It actually tasted much like carrot cake even though as far as I could tell, it contained no carrot, the walnuts were replaced with pecans and the orange peel with apricots. No cream cheese icing either. My mum said it is made wrong.

It did taste like carrot cake, I guess because of the spices that were used, and I am sure there are many variants to the recipe, I liked this and would eat again. 

Yes, I know that I am a day late and that mother’s day was yesterday… But guess what?

That’s right, it is Mother’s Day today as well now.

Not really carrot cake but I don’t carrot all – 7.5/10

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