Whittaker’s – Bundaberg – Brewed Ginger Caramel

whittakers bundaberg

When @_foodfanatic and @nawrmusicnz sent me a screenshot of this impending team up of two of my favourite foodstuff manufacturers I was shook’d. Not only do I enjoy both @whittakersnz and @bundabergdrinks fine products, I have a soft spot for the same type of values they put on their packaging – they both have a commitment to local business and manufacturing, and both have a penchant for nepotism. The fact that they have so much in common leads me to believe if the companies were people, they would probably get along well together. And if their core products were foods, I imagine they would go together like chocolate and ginger beer. I don’t like to get into personal sh1t usually, but as their core products are ingestibles, that brings the gossip of this new relationship firmly into the domain of sh1teater.

I went hunting for this sh1t almost straight away with visions of the great Chocolate Master, J.H. Whittaker shaking hands with Drink Lord, Cliff Fleming, in a magical world where local family businesses have teamed up against giant corporate conglomerates. I began outlining the fanfic in my head as I whistled a happy tune. Later I drew a picture, but have omitted it from this post as I try to keep NSFW content off of this account.

It was actually probably a really boring email between some high level staff from both companies involved that lead to this exciting crossover, but I like my fantasy better and I am shipping it that way.

I finally got my hands on a block, thanks very much to the leads given to me by @alfi_eats and @eateateat.akl , tore open the packaging and sunk my teeth into the soft gooey dream come true contained within.

Whittaker’s chocolate was excellent as usual, no surprises there. The ginger beer caramel was sweet and sticky like caramel, but had a very strong ginger flavour, even had a little ginger spiciness in the aftertaste – it didn’t just taste like ginger, it tasted of ginger beer specifically, and it paired as well as I had dreamed it would, with the fine NZ chocolate.

Dreams do come true – 8.5/10

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