Whittaker’s – Blondie

This looks very familiar to me…

I feel like I may have reviewed this before, but no, couldn’t be because it says ‘new’ right there on the front of the packet.

Maybe I have been doing this too long and all this sh1t is starting to look the same to me, but I could’ve sworn that I have reviewed a caramelised white chocolate block in the past. Hang on I am going to go back through my old posts and check. While you are waiting – feel free to go and do the same, don’t forget to check that you have liked every one of my previous posts as you go through, of course…

Yup. Here. Wow I have been doing this for way too long – what a trip down memory lane.

Some of my younger followers may not remember this, but way back in season 1 – 243 weeks ago according to Instagram- (why measuring in weeks?! Let’s convert that to July of 2017) – I reviewed a caramalised white chocolate product by a completely different brand that went on to become a massive hit, people are still raving about it like 5 years later.

It was a pretty sh1t review, one of my first reviews, actually. Sh1t quality pic and I didn’t even use all 2200 of the allowed characters in an Instagram caption! I will excuse you for not going back and liking that post – it is nothing like the high level of professional reviews that I do now days…

So, in conclusion: @sh1teater is one of the best food review accounts on Instagram.

A food reviewing god – 10/10

– I just looked at this posts photo and remembered that we are actually supposed to be reviewing whittakersnz Blondie today

I guess Whittaker’s have finally grown sick of losing precious revenue through competition, jumped on the caramelised white chocolate train and brought out their own version. I indulged in a little nostalgia instead of writing too much about this product because it is approximately as good as the ‘other one’ which I thought was too sweet anyways. 

The Whittakers perhaps has slightly fuller texture but more importantly Whittaker’s are a way cooler brand than that other one so +1 to their points total. 

Fair? – 7/10

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