Warheads – Sour Candy Canes

On the – whatever, let’s just see if I can sh1t out one more sh1tmas post before the sh1tmas sh1tstorm is upon us.

Remember Warheads? It is that super sour candy that burns the skin off of ones tongue with malic and citric acids, but still tastes so good that we do it again. I recently wrote that soda post about how impressive it was that they had managed to capture the flavour of the sour lollies and put it into a soda. 

I thought I might give these a try because  I am very traditional and there is nothing I like more than a traditional Christmas with traditional Christmas sour strawberry flavoured candy canes.

The problem with doing two candy cane posts in a row is that I have totally run out of interesting factoids and don’t really have much left to say about candy canes. I will just have to think of some other sh1t to put here in the caption to fill up all of this accused blank space. 

=> Did you know that cats cannot taste sweet flavour?

Every other mammal apparently can taste it, but all cats wild or domesticated lack the 247 base pairs of the amino acids that make up the DNA of the Tas1r2 gene. What a great name for the sweet-taste receptor, nice work whoever named that one. I think from reading some sh1t that cats, or at least some cats can sort of detect sweetness, but they do not ‘taste’ it as we do.

Returning now from that paragraph long digression, these candy canes tasted like fake strawberry flavour, you know that flavour that doesn’t actually taste much like strawberry, but it is kind of a staple of confectionery manufacturers to have the ‘red one’ taste like? Like that – generic red flavour.

Tasted alright, totally average for a candy –  there was a severely disappointing lack of sour flavour though – totally off script for the Warheads brand and in the rush to cash in on sh1tmas have done damage to the otherwise impeccable Warheads brand image as being very sour.

Happy sh1tmas everyone! 


Santa’s breath is more sour than this sh1t – 3/10

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