V- Refresh – Green Apple Lemonade

V refresh - Apple Lemonade

Cut the Sh1t I don’t want to read all this…

When I first heard about the new V refresh Green Apple Lemonade, I was very excited. I love V energy and I love green apple flavour and actually one of my favourite non sh1teater foods is a crisp granny smith apple…

But then I remembered that the ‘V Refresh’ range is a zero sugar drink and I tend to stay away from zero sugar as I am not really fond of how artificial sweeteners taste. I have of course, done zero sugar before on this very account, but mostly I complain about the cloying, slightly bitter chemically taste of the sweeteners used.

Some do it better than others Perhaps, I should keep visiting the low calorie options as food technology progresses and new compounds are discovered. But I am also concerned about the moral implications of reducing the e͟n͟e͟r͟g͟y͟ yield in an ‘e͟n͟e͟r͟g͟y͟’ drink.

Maybe this is not an e͟n͟e͟r͟g͟y͟ drink, maybe this Refresh variety is just meant to act as a refresher… But no, it legit does say ‘e͟n͟e͟r͟g͟y͟ drink’ right there in the smaller text at the bottom of the can.

I mean, an average apple has 300Kj of energy – this has 33.472 (8 Calories). An apple has almost 9 times the amount of energy as an e͟n͟e͟r͟g͟y͟ drink!! What kind of marketing double speak multiverse sh1t is that?!!

Hey look, let’s not get side tracked here, I am just still living out the PSTD I got in England where all drinks were artificial sweetened – that is my issue and I will work through it eventually. I accept that there are potential health benefits to reducing sugar intake and a good way to do this is to enjoy low or zero sugar options. No hate. What matters most is how this tastes.

Aaaand this tastes good. Sweet and tart, still tastes like an energy drink, but also tastes a lot like a fizzy apple juice. Delicious. You know I am going to read that ingredient label and I am slowly coming to the conclusion that erythritol is my favourite artificial sweetener.

I can still taste the sweetener especially in the aftertaste and I would prefer a full or reduced sugar version, but it still tastes good.

Afraid I cannot write anymore as my body is starting to break down muscle in order to glean the energy stored in them.


apple-ling – 6.5/10

Cut the sh1t:

Is V refresh Green Apple an energy drink?

Yup – if you mean energy in that it contains stimulant like caffeine, but if you mean literal energy. A 250ml serving only has 32kJ of energy. But it does say energy drink right there on the can…

What is V refresh Green Apple lemonade?

This is V’s third refresh variety and it is green apple flavoured. It is marketed as being a low calorie option with a crisper, lighter flavour than the other V energy drinks

Where can I get V refresh Green Apple Lemonade in New Zealand?

New World Supermarket. Click below:

Buy Here

Buy V Refresh Green Apple Lemonade at New World

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