Ülker – Yupo Çokojelo – Orange

Welcome to this, the 7th review of sh1t I found in my Turkish treat box from turkishtreatbox

As my mastery of the Turkish language continues to advance, I ran into a real dead end with this one. I cannot find any decent translation of either “Yupo” or “Çokojelo”. If anyone has any ideas please let me know as it has been keeping me awake these past few nights and when sleep does come, I often awake sitting bolt upright drenched in sweat after having screamed: “Çokojelo!!” into the darkness.

I managed to figure out that ‘yeni’ means ‘new’ which is great, because in my experience nothing is worse than an old Çokojelo. And reading further down the label I found the phrase:

“sütlü çikolata kaplı portakal aromalı yumuşak şekerler”

Oh sh1t yeah! I know many of these words and had no trouble translating it to mean something like:

“milk chocolate covered orange flavored soft candies”

I can tell you what it is, but not what it’s called.

At first I thought this may have been some sort of soda flavoured sh1t because the shape of the smiling chocolate on the front of the packet looks a bit like a bottle to me. But after opening it up, I saw that this was shaped like no bottle I have ever seen. It looks like some sort of a Siamese twin bottle with two heads. I have no idea how bottles look in Turkey, but I don’t think this is a bottle. I actually haven’t the foggiest idea what this shape is supposed to be.

The orange flavour was strong and citrusy and went nicely with the chocolate. This is a delicious, chewy, soft orange jelly encased in a milk chocolate and the texture reminded me very much of what we would call a Turkish delight, to be fair I could call any of this sh1t I have tried a Turkish delight, but I mean that delicate tasting pink jelly.

Hello, Hello, Çokojelo – 6.5/10

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