Ülker – Kekstra Jölebol – çilekli

WoW – I kek’d at the name of this product as soon as I saw it after opening my @turkishtreatbox . Surely this name had nothing to do with the way a Korean laughs on Starcraft though or the way an orc laughs on World of Warcraft or the hacker known as 4chan. Surely nothing to do with any of that.

But, no sooner had I set the research team on it, reports started flowing in about Topkek, both a meme and a very similar Turkish treat made by our old pals at Eti.

Why are you all looking at me like that? Surely there are a few sh1tposters out there that know what I am talking about… Fine, keep your anonymity.

There are still a sh1tload of confused looking faces out there but I don’t have the space to explain the whole origins of ‘kek’ in 2200 characters or less, you will have to research it yourself. Check knowyourmeme or something.

This isn’t Topkek though, this is Kekstra. I couldn’t find who copied who, but the two treats from Turkey appear to be almost exactly the same.

Actually ‘kek’ in the Turkish language translates as ‘cake’, a happy coincidence that delighted circa 2013 memelords everywhere. I don’t know what the ‘stra’ part means, though. Jölebol seems to be a combination of two different words, Jöle – jelly and bol meaning ‘a lot of’ or ‘abundant’. Çilekli, we all know from our lessons, means ‘with strawberry’.

So this is: “A some type of cake with an abundance of jelly, strawberry flavour”. I have no idea what those weeping white pockets of sh1t leaking out of the cake pictured on the front of the packet are, but mine didn’t seem to have any.

A tasty, very sweet and moist sponge cake with a generous dollop of strawberry jelly embedded on the top surface. Definitely what I would class as a treat.

ㅋㅋㅋ – 6.5/10

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