Ülker – Halley – Chocolate Covered Sandwich Biscuit

Ülker - Halley - Chocolate Covered Sandwich Biscuit

Another treat from my @turkishtreatbox and the next highest voted by yous.

We have established a bit of method to these now, so let’s stick to that by reading the package and seeing what this lovely looking sh1t is.

“sütlü çikolata kaplı sandviç bisküvi” – milk chocolate covered sandwich biscuit

And that is all that is on the front of the packaging. That was easy. I am getting better at this every week.

Actually there may be another clue on packaging that I have overlooked. Can you spot it? That’s correct, the sh1tting great big picture of the product that dominates the wrapper.

I have a feeling that I have tried sh1t like this before, only last time was many moons ago and it was known as a “Wagon Wheel” Except wasn’t there jam in those? 🤔 Now we also know that a Wagon Wheel is called a “Halley” in Turkey.

No worries, I reminisced fondly over Wagon Wheels as I ripped open the packet.

Oh sh1t – we got some sugar bloom going on with this treat.

Checked and it is well within it’s use by date.

For those of you don’t know, sugar bloom occurs in chocolate when it is improperly stored. It looks pretty bad, like mold or something, but it is actually harmless and is just the sugar (or cocoa fats) crystallized on the surface of the chocolate. It clearly says on the back of the package: “Blah, blah, blah, some sh1t in Turkish that I don’t understand, 18-22 C°” The temperature may have dropped out of this range during shipping, but more likely it happened during storage in my substandard NZ house. Chocolate should also be stored below 55% humidity which is an impossibility in New Zealand during winter months. The thin layer of milk chocolate on this will make it more susceptible to sugar bloom. Luckily I was able to reduce the bloom with superior photography skills. Nobody wants to see that sh1t.

It made no difference to me taste and texture was perfect. This indeed is how I remember a Wagon Wheel: milk chocolate covering two crumbly biscuits that sandwich chewy marshmallow and maybe the twin layers of caramel is new? Delicious though.

Wheely good – 6.5/10

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