Ülker – çikolatalı gofret

Well folks, this is it, the end of an era. I have finally reached the bottom of my @turkishtreatbox .

This is the poor chocolate bar that no one wanted to see. No one voted for. Picked last for the team. Don’t worry little çikolatalı gofret, there is still a place for you here, in my stomach. You will be immortalized forevermore in my account of sh1t that I have eaten.

I know you all have translated what this is in your head, by now you are probably all fluent in the Turkish language having learnt step by step, every week or so a decent sprinkling of Turkish words for food. But just for the newcomers here as well as those of you who might be slow learners let’s just go through it one last time:

Ülker is of course the brand name, we have seen a lot of sh1t from Ülker in this treat box. I feel like Ülker has become an old friend.

Çikolatalı – anyone? Yes! You in front? Chocolate! Correct. Çikolatalı means chocolate.

Gofret – Is ‘wafer’ of course.

And now there is a little blue bubble on this packet with a word that I am not sure we have seen before: Nefis – yummy.

It is a little surprising we haven’t seen that one before, pretty sure everything in this snack box has been, more or less, yummy.

So, this sh1t is really just a chocolate wafer and I can confirm it was ‘yummy’. Always good when the packaging accurately describes it’s contents.

This was on the larger size and was all wafer coated in a dark chocolate. The wafer was light and crispy and not too sweet. The chocolate played a smaller part, offering a sweeter, richer contrast to the light flavour of the wafer. I have to say that the quality of the chocolate from these treats has been excellent and this was no exception. A fine treat, wouldn’t be last on my list.

Lucky last – 7/10

Afterward: That was fun. It is sad to reach the end of my Turkish Treat box, but I shall always remember the good times I’ve had eating Turkish sh1t. You folk reckon I should order a different treat box now? Any suggestions on what part of the world I try next?

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