ÜLKER – Albeni Tane Tane

More votes have been cast and the next thing to try from the @turkishtreatbox is the Albeni Tane Tane.

All sorts of different translations came up for this sh1t when I tried to figure out what it was, but thankfully all the different translations meant something similar enough to what was pictured on the packet that I was able to vaguely figure it out. Treat box stepping it up. After all the beginner Turkish treat translations, I think I am being challenged at an intermediate level now.

Albeni – allure, charm, appeal

Tane – grain, bead, seed, piece

Tane Tane – probably means grains.

I am going to translate this as “alluring pieces of sh1t”

These looked a lot like raisinets or rabbit sh1t or mini malteses, but didn’t taste like any of those things. Albeni Tane Tane are little balls of biscuit flavoured with caramel and coated in milk chocolate. Unlike the last few Turkish treats I have tried, these weren’t really similar to anything I have tried before. This is the first I’ve tried a treat of this ilk.

The Albeni Tane Tane has a very biscuity centre. Texture is very much like shortbread, crumbly and very dry for a split second before the saliva flows over it in response to the sweetness. A definite strong caramel flavour in there, I am guessing infused in the biscuit somehow. The milk chocolate coating is of a decent quality too, adding up to a delicious sweet treat.

Charming piece of piece – 7/10

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