UFC – Watermelon Water

UFC – Watermelon Water

So for some reason we can now buy watermelon juice from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which I thought was a bit weird until I heard that as well as being one of the best fruits known to man, watermelon is one of the best natural sources of electrolytes known to man. My imagination originally ran to top conditioned, highly trained fighters punching the sh1t out of watermelons to make juice, but that is stupid, it is obviously because watermelons are high in the electrolytes required for peak athletic performance and recovery in…

Oh wait-

Actually it turns out that UFC is also the name of Thailand’s leading processor, manufacturer and distributor of processed fruits and vegetables, beverages and sauce and seasoning. UFC is also an acronym for “Universal Food Public Company” (not sure what happened to the ‘P’ in there)  Damn, this is a bit like when that wilderness preservation charity had the same name as the World Wrestling Federation. Not the same things at all as I found out – the hard way.

Watermelon is said to be 92% water and not sure why this is considered ‘watermelon water’ and not ‘watermelon juice’ also, no idea what percentage of watermelon juice is water. Rest assured this still tasted like watermelon so it is unlikely to be 100% water.

This was an excellently refreshing drink. And I mean that in the literal sense – it excelled at refreshment. A word of dire warning though do not attempt to drink this warm. Throw this sh1t in a fridge and make sure it stays there until you drink it.

There is an unpleasant cloying, fleshy, too ripe flavour lurking in here ready to pounce when warm. Pretty sure it is not the fault of the producers here, it tasted natural – just an unfortunate attribute of watermelon – I am guessing.

Not too sweet, refreshing and tasted like watermelon. That is about all that needs to be said about this.  

Ultimately Fantastic when Cold – 7/10

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