Turkish Treat Box

Since starting this account, I have had the opportunity to sample a few strange and exotic snack shit from far off lands and it occurred to me that I might be missing out on some real good shit, purely due to my geographical location. Luckily we live in an age where you can pay someone to chuck some local snacks in a box and send it out to anywhere in the world.

I thought long and hard about what region of the world to try snacks from, but in the end @turkishtreatbox bribed me with a generous discount and my mind was made up. Time to eat some Turkish shit. At the end of several hours of gruelling negotiations, I had secured a discount for all of you folk too. If you put the phrase “SH1TEATER20” into the coupon section of your order you too can get the princely discount of 20%!! I don’t think I can insert links into captions (thanks instagram) but the website is at turkishtreatbox.com or go check the link in their bio.

To my amazement, this shit covered the 17028km from Istanbul to Auckland in less than a week! I have no idea how they got this shit over to me so quick, they must have fired it from a huge cannon or something. I honestly have had shit take longer to get here from Dunedin.

I was initially a little disappointed when I saw the box, it looked a little on the small side, upon opening though, it virtually exploded in a rain of snacks – it was packed so tightly. I counted a total of 21 items. At the price of one of their Classic boxes $24 (USD) – minus the 20% sh1teater discount – comes to about $29.96 NZD. $1.43 per item. Pretty reasonable when you factor in the shipping cost of firing out of a giant cannon.

I haven’t eaten a single one of these things yet, because I am working on a way for yous to vote on which I should try first. You should still have some time to order one and receive it if you want to eat shit with me. Also I am not going to give a rating to the box itself as I plan to review an item or few at a time.

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