Truffle Oil – Profine Food Stores

Truffle oil from Profine Food Stores

Would you look at this: Your humble pal, sh1teater is moving up in the world.

Getting sent high quality exotic ingredients like this truffle oil from Profine Food Stores – well okay, not that exotic unless you consider Botany Downs exotic.

My first thought when I was approached to try this truffle oil was: “Are you sure you have the correct account?” and my 2nd thought was “What is a truffle?”

I always thought they were those cute, fluffy things from that Star Trek episode, but turns out that they are actually a fungus that grows underground like a potato and also not at all like the AI interpretation in the above picture.

But as they say in the famous philosophical question: ‘If a truffle grows underground in a forest and no one is there to see it, can Bing use DALL-E to generate an image of it?”

Another question – How do I eat this? Profine food stores have plenty of recipe ideas on their website linked in their bio, like Parmesan Truffle Fries and Creamy Cauliflower Blue Cheese Soup With Truffle Oil 😲 but I know how to cook only one thing that could live up to my impressions of what truffle oil should be, a cheese omelet.

I had been forewarned and I am now forewarning you, this is intensely flavoured. A little drizzle of this goes a long way in terms of flavouring your food. I am only allowed to buy like 2 packs of eggs at my supermarket at a time – not sure how I am going to get through all this oil.

Profine Food Stores Truffle Oil on an omelette

And, woah! No wonder people like this stuff so much. It isn’t really mushroom, but that is about as close as I can get to anything I have ever tasted. It is much richer and complex, earthy, a little nutty and has almost a spicy bite to it. You absolutely have to try it to know what I am talking about. It is very unique.

I am not a truffle expert, in fact I would describe myself as a truffle amateur, now that I have tried it once, but what I am an expert in is sh1t that taste good and this definitely qualifies. How many of you have used truffle/truffle oil? What should I try it in next?

Truffabulous – 8/10

Where does one get Profine Food Stores Truffle Oil?

Right here on their website – click link:

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