Tofita – çilek

Tofita - çilek strawberry fruit flavoured chewy candy

Bet you thought we were done with Turkish treats but guess what!? It’s another Turkish treat from my turkishtreatbox.

This time we are looking at the Tofita – çilek. On the packaging it claims to be “çilek aromalı meyve toffe şeker” which having broken the sentence down into it’s component parts, seems to translate as:

Çilek – Strawberry

Aromalı – flavoured 

Meyve – fruit

Sulu – aqueous

Toffe – Toffee(?)

Şeker – candy

Getting a bit creative here (aqueous! Really? Who uses the word ‘aqueous’?) I am guessing that this is a type of strawberry fruit juice chewy candy. Cool, I can get behind a strawberry fruit juice flavoured chewy candy. Anyone here got anything against a strawberry fruit juice flavoured chewy candy? Good.

The packaging and flavour of this sh1t was another one that seemed vaguely familiar to me and casting my mind through past lives and past incarnations in various dimensions as I had learned to do from the monks of the Order of the Dark Moon, I was presented with an image that appeared hovering in my mind’s eye.



Opening the package and unravelling the individually wrapped rectangular prism within, I found the appearance very similar to the Hi-Chew. When I put the cuboid into my flavour detecting orifice, I discovered that it also tasted similar to the Hi-Chew and indeed the texture was much the same also. Perhaps the strawberry flavouring was slightly more intense. Perhaps.

This is pretty much the equivalent to a Turkish Hi-Chew and I am into that. Sweet and fruity, stopping short of being too sweet. Soft and chewy stopping short of sticking too badly to the teeth. A fine şeker.

Hi-Tofita 👋- 6.5/10

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