Tip Top – Trumpet – Banoffee Pie

When you think of Christmas, what do you think of?

That’s right, Banoffee Pie.

Banoffee Pie has long been a traditional Christmas dish in the Solomon Islands, specifically Guadalcanal where Banana and caramel grow plentifully next to the…  Alright that’s bullsh1t. I am just trying to Xmas theme my posts so I can use Christmas hashtags and cash in on the holiday season just like everyone else. 

A Banoffee Pie Trumpet  probably has nothing to do with Christmas – if you can think of a connection, please show me up in the comments… Best I can come up with is that it is hot here over Xmas and we like to eat ice cream when it is hot. Or, I dunno, is there something about trumpets blowing on Xmas?  

I have seen this around on billboards and internet ads for a month or two, before last week finding a cache of them in an ice cream freezer of a dairy. I wasn’t able to buy straight away as I was in a huge rush – There was an emergency at home and I had only rushed out to get some vinegar to wash the cat – I needed to get back quickly – but that is another story. I won’t bore you with it here.

I took note and returned later covered in bloody scratches to grab a Banoffee Pie Trumpet only to find that they had sold out. The shopkeep told me a large family had toppled out of a sweaty van and bought them all while I was at home mixing sand into the vinegar bucket. Damn, that was only 3 hours ago, these Trumpets were selling like hot brass.

I put down a deposit on the next shipment and got my hands on one 5 days later.

This was underwhelming. I was excited at the prospect of banana ice cream and it was pretty decent – it tasted like banana lollies – like them weird chalky marshmallow banana things, a little on the bland side. It had some caramel, but it wasn’t very much and I couldn’t really get a real taste of it. The crunchy ‘pie base’ things were good and I do like how it contrasted with the texture of the smooth ice cream but again, there wasn’t alot.

It’s ok I guess, not worth the rigmarole I went through to get one though

Ban-oof-ee     –    5/10

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