Tip Top Bakery – Deluxe Beetroot Buns

Recently I staggered out of the house and down to the local market to purchase some bread to make up my weekly sh1tburger, but when I rounded the corner to enter the bread aisle, I was greeted by the ominous sight of a vacant aisle. Obviously some sh1thead had bought up all of the bread and taken it back to their lair.

I took a deep breath and slowly started down the aisle as the fluorescent lights buzzed and flickered overhead. My head swung quickly to the left and right as my eyes darted over the barren shelves, frantically searching for any type of carbohydrate that could complete my meal.

Halfway down the aisle, I stopped dead in my tracks, eyes wide with fear as withered ball of dry tumbleweed suddenly crossed the end of the aisle in front of me and then involuntarily crouched, ready to flee, as several crows screamed at me and took to the air circling several times while continuing to caw in annoyance before finally settling 3 aisles to my left, near the canned soup.

Wait! What was that over there? Bottom shelf – Is that the glint of transparent plastic? Yes, I had spotted one last bread, perhaps overlooked in the panic buying as it was below eye level…

As I neared the bread, my breath stopped and my heart started beating louder in my chest…

My horror was re-ignited as I gazed upon the bread and clutched my throat to stifle a gargled scream. For I had seen that the bread was the colour of blood!!! 😱

–Oh wait, it is just beetroot.

The natural red coloring in beetroot is called betanin and is such a vibrant compound that it is now being used widely as a natural alternative to artificial colouring. As tip top bakery nz are demonstrating here it can turn bread a very convincing red.

Not sure if the addition of beetroot did any more than alter the colours, as it didn’t really taste of beetroot. It had a fantastic texture, light and a little chewy, but I think this was the ‘deluxe’ status of the bread rather than the beetroot.

Tasted great to me, this just seemed to be a fun little gimmick that perhaps increases the nutritional value slightly.

Red Bread Redemption – 6/10

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