The Natural Confectionery Co – Kombucha Flavoured Jellies

Remember that time that I tried a kombucha? Yeah, I liked it and all and apparently it’s probiotic sorcery will allow a being to reach levels of health previously unobtainable to all but the enclave of druids entrusted with cultivating the divine SCOBY into the sacred kombucha…

But seriously what happens over there during a The Natural Confectionery Company meeting where someone decides a great new flavour idea for a lollie is rancid, fermenting tea? I think a few of them may have been getting a little too natural over there…

The packet contained 3 different flavours, kombucha original, strawberry hibiscus and ginger peach.

Now I know that kombucha is a kombucha flavour and I have seen ginger ones around too, but is strawberry hibiscus a kombucha flavour? Is hibiscus even edible?

Turns out that yes hibiscus has been used in food and medicine for thousands of years and is supposed to have a mildly citrus flavour.

Strawberry hibiscus was the pink coloured one, the kombucha was brown and the ginger peach was the slightly less brown one. I had trouble telling them apart before exposing them to sensory organs other than my eyes.

And even then the tastes were subtle – definitely the correct direction in my opinion as the kombucha original flavour was accurately sweet and slightly vinegary. The strawberry hibiscus didn’t really taste like anything to me though, just sweet, maybe the vaguest hint of floral. NOw the ginger peach flavourt? That was a masterpiece. The peach was also subtle and this time gets eclipsed by the stronger ginger. I love the flavour of ginger and this was delicious, subtle at the same time as sharp and spicy. I would definitely buy out the stocks of this sh1t if they decided to make a packet with only the ginger in it.

All and all, I liked this sh1t – chewy with a liquid center, flavours light and pleasant, not too sweet, but most of the points are for them epic ginger ones.

SCOBY dooby doo – 7. 5/10

Bonus sh1t: SCOBY stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”

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