The Baron – Crispy Corn Nibbles – BBQ

Step aside please, make way for… The Baron.

The Baron of what, I don’t know… But he sounds super important – I am not going to question the kind of authority that comes with a monocle and mustache.

I went to their website for the juicy backstory on the mysterious Baron, but the ‘About Us’ section only talked about snacks. Further delving showed me that The Baron isn’t on Instagram either – I could find no selfies of the Baron at the beach.

After fruitless searching I was forced to check Facebook and I spent half a day stalking through Baron posts. Although I again saw all sorts of really great looking snacks that I want to eat, still no info on the figurehead: The Baron.

What a humble nobleman! Never talks about himself and focuses only on the sh1t that matters – snacks.

Luckily I have a crack research team that is excellent at m̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶s̶h̶1̶t̶ ̶u̶p̶ getting to the bottom of such mysteries…

A baron is a rank of nobility, differs from kingdom to kingdom, but usually is a rank higher than that of a lord or a knight, which entitles them to hold their own fief.

Although this appears a very New Zealand centric product, New Zealand does not formally use the title ‘Baron’.

We were only able to find one Baron matching the exacting description of a monocle and a mustache – The Right Honourable, Baron Frank Von Friedrich III, whom still holds the title of steward of the farming township of Cornkernia, Liechtenstein – famous for it’s high altitude, high yield corn fields. A secretive and humble man, there was no further information on either him nor potential connections to this food product so we can’t be sure it is the same Baron. How many Barons are there left in this day and age though?

I loved these things – they were really crunchy and satisfying to eat, not too hard though – I had no fear of teeth cracking or jaw dislocating. The light dusting of BBQ flavoured powder gave a light salty/savoury flavour, but mostly the fine flavour of corn was left to speak for itself. Much like the texture of half popped pop-corn, which I also loved.

A true vassalage to corn – 6.5/10

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