Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff


No, your eyes do not deceive you, that is actually a 213g jar of marshmallow.
The wonders of this world never cease to amaze me – someone makes a jar of marshmallow and even more surprising, people actually buy this shit.
Anyone want to guess where this criminally sweet foodstuff hails from? That is right, home of the sweet, the United States of America.
What does one even do with this shit? I had to check the jar to be sure. This is actually intended to be a spread: “Spread strawberry fluff directly onto toast, bagels or English muffins as part of a delicious tasting low fat breakfast…” Wow, okay a low fat breakfast, sure I guess dying from diabetes is much more desirable than clogged arteries. Oh and now they used beet juice to colour it rather than artificial colouring so I am sure this is a healthy start to ones day.

Looking at other pictures, I am sure this is supposed to be more pink, it looks like the beet juice may have separated from the mallow over time. To be fair this jar is significantly past it’s best before date, but let’s just pretend it isn’t.

It actually tastes of pink marshmallow, exactly like it, spot on, bullseye. Fluffy, sugary with a hint of vaguely strawberry flavour. The consistency is more runny, I supposed so that it can be spreadable, but it has almost the same mouth feel. It kind of melts and disintegrates just like a real marshmallow. Confirmed – this is literally a jar of marshmallow.
One of the most popular ways of eating this shit is on a sandwich with peanut butter. It is called a Fluffernutter. Sounds like someone’s dog account on instagram, but I quickly threw one together and it wasn’t bad. Kind of a new take on the old classic peanut butter and honey or grape jelly. I won’t be swapping out my cheese sandwich for one, but decent.

I am not sure what else to say apart from this does exactly what it says on the jar – I can’t fault it at all. Aside from saying that I don’t really think this fits as part of a balanced breakfast unless you like dessert for breakfast.

This stuff is the fluff – 6/10

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