Snax Crunches – Salt and Vinegar.

I may have in the past hinted (subtlety) that I enjoy snacks, but do I enjoy Snax? Time to find out. Snax Crunches – Salt and Vinegar. I seen these around before but had not been compelled to try them until @alexfraser88 called me out for not eating this shit yet.

I know the name and remember Snax fondly, I thought that this shit would’ve been more of the same only with more bite sized crackers. Actually, I remember tiny bite sized ones too. Or was that Ritz? Yeah, Ritz Bits… Wait, isn’t Ritz just the same shit with a different name?

Griffin’s make Snax, and Nabisco claim the rights to Ritz crackers. Snax have been around since at least the 1930’s but my team wasn’t able to confirm an actual date. Ritz was created in 1934. Using the magic of simple addition and subtraction, it would seem Snax were first. Another quick fact uncovered by my crack team – Nabisco’s actually owned Griffin’s from 1962 until around 1990. They realised the value of retaining the name Snax, I guess, and chose not to call them Ritz.

The contents of this package were not at all what I expected. These weren’t Snax or Mini Snax, this shit was a kind of baked/puffed cracker. The outer texture was all crispy and shiny making it look like a deep fried something, but ‘Baked not fried’ the front of the box screamed at me.

They tasted pretty nice, same base taste as a Snax, but the texture was lighter and crispier. I am going to make a bold claim here and say the texture was my favourite part of these. Excellent mouthfeel. This particular packet was sprinkled with a salt and vinegar flavour, which you would think wouldn’t go with this, but it did. I quite enjoyed it. I could tell the flavour being used was intensely acidic because of the sharp taste and slight burning around my mouth, but it was sprinkled so lightly.

I am going with a ‘decent’ rating here for the Snax,with an extra point for texture and difference, making these a definite alternative and dare I say a competitor for the snack cracker battle currently raging in your middle supermarket aisles. What you folk think of this shit?

Puttin’ on the snax – 6/10

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