Skittles – Smoothies

Is this a new flavour of my favourite dragee confectionery I see before me? It would appear Skittles now come in ‘Smoothies’ flavour.

A smoothie is a drink made from blending fruit together with juice, milk or yogurt or some sh1t like that. You may have seen such a drink right here on this very social media platform as smoothies of all kinds have become a popular way to indulge in a delicious drink under the guise of looking after one’s health. I have never claimed to be any type of health professional, but it does seem logical to me that a wide variety of fruit combined with protein and/or fibre probably would be pretty decent for health.

Just want to emphasize that I don’t claim to be a health professional of any type again, but I don’t really think that this packet of skittles is going to be good for anyone’s health, unless they are suffering a severe case of hypoglycemia.

I usually inhale the fragrance deeply after I open a packet of whatever, this was no exception and this smelt wrong, kind of like acrid mustard, not at all what I expect either smoothies or skittles to smell like. If one of yous decides to try a packet of this sh1t do me a favour and sniff the contents first and let me know what it smells like, I may have been having a stroke.

Trying each colour in turn, I found them to be less intensely fruity than the original skittles flavour, they did taste fairly close to the flavours listed on the back though and totally passable. That isn’t the way I eat my Skittles though and after the tiny prelude, I started chucking whole handfuls into my mouth and doing some smoothie blending of my own.

Now that’s a smoothie. Eaten in the way I am prescribing these do taste quite a lot like a smoothie. A light, fruity mix of creamy, sugary slag. I do think I prefer the originals to this sh1t, but it is nice to have a different option.

Update: thinking on it now, that weird smell may supposed to be yogurt…

Skitties Smoothles – 6.5/10

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