RJ’s – Mackintosh’s Licorice Toffee

Did you know there are still some people out there who claim that they do not like licorice?

Yes, I know it is hard to believe but I have personally had people actually trying to get me to believe that they do not enjoy the flavour of black licorice. Like they actually said it to my face, looking me unflinchingly in the eye, unblinking while they said it!!

This is actually more widespread than one might think. The more I looked into it the more people I found, making this wild claim. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if there weren’t a few folk reading this sh1t right now that were convinced that they didn’t like licorice…

Whoa, calm down everyone, before you get out those burning torches and pitchforks and conversion therapy, they seem like good people, there must be a reasonable explanation for this lunacy.

So licorice comes from the root of the licorice plant called “glycyrrhiza glabra” (which is a legume plant – like beans!) that produces a sweet compound called ‘glycyrrhizin’ which is 50 to 170 times more sweet than sugar! This sickly sh1t is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and antimutagenic. Downside – it is toxic and licorice products have to be treated to remove as much of it as possible while still retaining the delicious flavour.

Not sh1tting you – there have actually been many studies on this topic and many theories as to why people claim to not like licorice:

▪️Tastes can be influenced by genetics and glycyrrhizin may not be palatable to some.

▪️The aroma comes from a compound known as ‘anethole’ and some may have had traumatic experiences with this compound as it is also in anise and fennel.

▪️There may be parallel universes in which licorice does actually taste bad – similar theory to the Berenst(E)ain Bears Conspiracy – google it

▪️Attention seeking

Why were we talking about this sh1t again? The RJ’s toffee’s? Oh yeah – They are great – delicious toffee flavour with the perfect chewy, sticky, melting texture and the underlying real licorice flavour is spot on perfect amount of flavour.

Don’t mean to be anethole, but – 7.5/10

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