RJ’s – Fabulicious Tropical Sherbert Fizz

Recently a package found it’s way to me – and it turned out to be from one of my favourite confectionery brands, none other than the fabulicious @rjsnewzealand It was filled with fabulicious sh1t such as the Fabulicious Sherbert Fizz and the Fabulicious Green Apple Sherbert Fizz and… What the sh1t?! Here is a new one! Dearest followers, I would now like to introduce you to the Fabulicious Tropical Sherbert Fizz. We know that the red ones and the apple ones are good sh1t, is this new tropical flavour going to cut the sh1t too?

Fabulicious, I am led to believe, is a descriptor for something that is fabulous aaaand delicious, so I will be judging these on both fabulousness and deliciousness.

But first, let’s drone on about some sh1t that is vaguely related to the product I am reviewing, and today it occurs to me that although I have been enjoying RJ’s products for a good deal of time now, I have never found out what the R and the J stand for.

I handed off this task to my research team and they came back with sh1t all. Not sure if it is a secret, but none of the usual search techniques brought up any information. Maybe if RJ’s drops by and sees this – and reads through all of this sh1t- they would be inclined to give us an exclusive answer in the comments🤞 I know how much you were all looking forward to hearing about what RJ’s stands for though, so:

RJ’s now stands for Rick James, until I hear otherwise.

Time to open this bag and the first sniff smells really fruity and tropical. The taste is absolutely tropical flavour – delicious and tangy – fabulous? Yeah ok, fits the fabulicious description. I reckon it tastes of guava and perhaps a bit of mango. The sherbet in the middle adds a welcome , extra little punctuation on the sour tang. Texture is perfect, soft and satisfyingly chewy. The green apple SF was my favourite before, but now I am not so sure….

SF stands for Sherbert Fizz not Super Freak, by the way – 7.5/10

Bonus sh1t: Sherbert is normally spelt sherbet.

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