Rj’s Fabulicious Grape Sherbet Crunch

Last week my phone starting going off blasting alerts repeatedly, waking me up at night and draining the battery because people kept DMing me about this new sh1t that RJ’s has put out: Fabulicious Grape Sherbert Crunch. Ok to be totally honest it was only three people but that is still a lot.

You remember the Fabulicious Sherbert?

There was raspberry and apple and more recently, tropical. Now we have grape too. Not only have rjsnewzealand changed up the flavour here they have also added ‘crunch’ to the experience.

I have always loved crunch, since I was a tiny larva skipping along tracks, trails and thoroughfare with my pouch of pennies to the corner convenience store where I would stock up on crunch as was my habit every Saturday. Thrice eldered, Mr. Fender would always greet me with a single wave of his gnarled hand:

“Halloo you lil sh1t, come for your crunch again?” he would say ejecting his corned pipe from his widely smiling maw, to which I would reply: “Yessir just the usual three and quarter busselled crunch again, if you please” as I sprinkled pennies and half pennies one by one into the eagerly open pocket on the front of his pale brown burlaped overalls.

Ah the memories…

These had a familiar grape flavour, ok – not actually like grapes but the delicious flavour that confectionary companies colour purple and label as grape. I am a big fan of this flavour and found RJ’s take on it particularly smooth.

The sherbert in the middle seemed less tart than the other flavours and blended nicely with the surrounding licorice(?) or gummy(?) or whatever that purple sh1t is to produce a sweet and chewy grape treat.

The crunch is an excellent addition here in my opinion, just adds that extra little bit of excitement and brings me back to the crunchy days of yore. They should put crunch in all of the flavours.

Looking at the ingredient list I am guessing that the ‘gummy purple sheath of licorice-like consistency’ is actually a wheat/flour based confectionery.

The grape & the grain – 8/10

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