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It was 4/20 yesterday and looking at all of your Instagram stories yesterday, I could see everyone was enjoying a good cone. Technically I am not late to the party because in NZ we would say 20/04 which kind of spoils it, but today is 4/20 in the US. So I am going all the way to the United States, culinarily at least, to have a big ole cone of my own. 

Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups date all the way back to 1928 when Mr. H.B. Reese himself created them in his basement in Hershey, Pennsylvania. That’s right, Hershey is a place and Mr. Reece’s actually worked exclusively with Hershey’s chocolate for his products while trading as The H.B. Reese Candy Company. And when the company merged with Hershey Chocolate Corporation years after his death, H.B. Reece’s best seller, The Peanut Butter Cup became Hershey’s best seller. If you haven’t had one of these delightful chocolate cups of salty sweet peanut butter, close your social media and go and find one. Break lockdown rules if you have to (don’t) because I won’t allow you to read any further until you have tried one.

Done? Good, huh? Told you. Now on to the cone…

This was actually suggested to me by @seaplanegh many yonks ago, but I had been holding out for the Tip Top version for comparison but I can’t see myself getting my shitty little hands on that anytime in the near future due to lockdown restricting my access to supermarkets other than my locals. Sorry @seaplanegh , for now I am going to have to make do with what I can get.

The ice cream was soft and smooth and tasted of chocolate with a hint of salty peanut butter. Chunks of chocolate and peanuts swam in the mixture adding a welcome crunch. The ice cream hadn’t soggied the actual cone and it was still crispy enough to hold the whole thing together and just when I thought this excellent experience had come to an end, I reached the very tip of the cone which was filled with hard chocolate and peanut butter mix. Just like a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Pack a cone – 8.5/10

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    1. Wait?!! Are they gone now? I got mine at Countdown, was a little while ago now though….

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