Red Bull – The Red Edition – Watermelon

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world with over 7.9 billion sold annually. It has been around for 45 years and since 1987 it has been sold internationally out of Austria – finally they have chosen to try their luck making a Red Bull in the best flavour – watermelon. 

In Austria they also have Christmas, but it is called Weihnachten and Santa Claus is St. Nicholas who comes by way before Christmas on December the 6th which is actually St. Nicholas Day. He is said to deliver gifts to all the good children from his sleigh which is drawn, not by 9 reindeer, but by a huge, powerful, wing’ed bull named Hansdolph.

Hansdolph is able to lead the sleigh through the dark and wintery night sky with bright red light emitted from his glowing nose ring. This light gives Hansdolph a red hue and is this is where the name Red Bull – 

-Wouldn’t that be a great Christmas tale?… Well sorry – Hansdolph is actually a load of bullsh1t.

I would be surprised if such an animal existed in Austrian folklore or anywhere else, because I just made him up today. Perhaps some Austrian will read this very post and start the tradition over there, maybe you yourself could start the tradition this Christmas telling your children and young family friends the tales of Hansdolph the Red Bull.

Makes about as much sense as that other bullsh1t story about flying deers…

I love the flavour of watermelon, but to say that this tastes of watermelon, is one hell of a stretch. That doesn’t mean that it is bad though, quite the contrary, I really liked it. It doesn’t taste of Red Bull either. To me it just tastes of red. 

You know the generic red taste that you get from hard lollies, or boiled lollies, or hard boiled lollies, of the red variety? It tastes like that, sweet and red. It could run the risk of becoming too sweet and sickly if warm, but ice cold it is highly carbonated, refreshing and delicious. The typical tangy sour taste of an energy drink is here still, but more subtle.

Well Red – 7/10

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