Red Bull – Summer Edition – Apricot & Strawberry

Now that summer has arrived…

Hey hold up, it is only spring. Looks like Red Bull has accidentally released their summer edition too early – damn that is the entire massive budget summer advertising campaign down the drain. Perhaps they got mixed up because it is autumn in Austria. Whatever, I managed to get my sh1tty little hands on one before they realised their mistake and recalled all of the drinks for the next three months.

Also what happened to the ‘edition’ naming convention? We have had red addition and green edition and now instead of orange edition we have summer edition. Probably because the green edition was actually purple and they decided to throw the whole idea in the bin and start again with seasons this time. Except they have already screwed that up by releasing summer edition in spring.

Ah well on to the next one? Perhaps we could do animals this time? The cheetah edition sounds cool. And of course the bull edition. Ooh! And the dragon edition – that one could taste like dragon fruit again…

I am glad that Red Bull vitalizes body and mind because I am going to need it with the weirdly random naming of editions…

What is in a name though? I only really care about how this tastes.

Initially this tasted of a vague but fairly approximate apricot blended in with the familiar ‘energy drink’ flavour that I consider necessary in any drink that wants to call itself an energy drink. I, in fact, do wonder if much of the energising effect from energy drinks is the bodies reaction to such a sour unnatural flavour.

After the apricot and chemical tang had subsided there was a very definite and convincing strawberry flavour after taste. Like actually, well done – it tasted of strawberry, not just some sweet, red flavour.

I am going to call this as my favourite of the red bull editions so far, sweet, invigorating and actually tastes like the apricot and strawberry flavoured claims on the front (and sides – hard to get it all in one picture!!) of the can.

Spring forward fall back – 7/10

Cut the sh1t:

Is Red Bull – Summer Edition 2022 any good?

Yes, it is my favourite edition so far. Tastes like a Apricot and Strawberry energy drink

What does Red Bull – Summer Edition 2022 taste like?

It tastes very good. Apricot and Strawberry – The apricot is pretty close to the taste of actual apricot the strawberry is an aftertaste very close to actual strawberries. Mainly it tastes of energy drink though.

Where to buy Red Bull Summer Edition – Apricot and Strawberry :

Most dairies, convince stores, petrol stations and supermarkets should carry them until the limited edition run is all sold out.

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