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Quest Protein

So, recently @thehangrybodybuilder asked me if I even lift, bro, and promptly challenged me to a protein bar duel. So after you finish reading this sh1t make sure to check out their account to see their Quest Bar review.

Although sh1teater has been known to lift from time to time and some of that sh1t has occasionally been heavy, mostly I just lift sh1t from the table to my mouth. It has still been cold here, but there has been the odd day to hint that warmer weather is on the way and the time is now for me to get that summer body I have always wanted.

Seeing hoards of Instagram influencers flooding their accounts with Quest products, influenced me to grab a cookies and cream protein bar to support the development of my new ripped af, high muscle density vehicle.

The cost was a little over the price I am used to paying for a chocolate bar at $4.99 NZD, but I am told this is a fairly decent price for something like this bad boy as it weighs in at a whopping 21 grams of protein. And as we bodybuilders say, no pain no gain.

Why not just wolf down 3 cans of tuna a day instead? That is fine and all, if you want to die from mercury poisoning. Tuna has significant amounts of mercury in it and if you eat too much of that sh1t it can cause weakness, poor coordination, numbness, anxiety, loss of memory, hearing loss and problems with vision. Long term poisoning can lead to a decrease in intelligence, and the gods know I don’t need that.

This sh1t was super filling and delicious. It tasted close enough to the cookies pictured on the front of the packet. Although I am not a fan of sweeteners I didn’t find the artificial sweeteners offensive at all, the taste was sweet without going overboard. The last time I had a protein bar, years ago, it had a grittiness to the texture that I didn’t find as prominent in the Quest bar; it was as smooth as a bodybuilder’s chest. Even a newb bodybuilder like myself found this to be a very palatable protein supplement indeed. Now let’s see if I can think of one more bodybuilding trope for my tag line:

Get swoll – 6.5/10

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