Proper Crisps – Dill Pickle with Apple Cider Vinegar

Finally! Dill pickle chips have hit New Zealand. As of yet, I had yet to see one of my favourite chip flavours being offered over here and it took a favourite chip manufacturer of mine, @propercrisps to bake this sh1t up. Baked? I mean fried. Or cooked? It says on the packaging hand cooked.

@wtfretail recently drew to my attention how fantastic that was in a recent post. I am still amazed that there are people around that have the superheroic ability needed to cook with their hands. I wish I could cook with my hands. By rubbing them together really, really fast, and using one of them laser thermometers to check, I was only able to reach temperatures of 67°C or so, which is woefully below what would be required to crisp up a kettle style chip like this one. Proper Crisps never ceases to amaze me.

The idea of pickling foodstuff including pickling of the tiny cucumbers that we call ‘pickles’ goes back way too far for anyone to really know when it started, but it is almost definitely developed (we think in India) as a way of preserving something that would normally spoil over a long period of time. The process of pickling does not reduce the nutrient value of the food and actually reduces water content, so can actually make foods more nutrient dense. Pretty healthy as long as you are blissfully ignoring your salt consumption.

These fine chips were perfectly formed slivers of potato and had the perfect level of crispness. The flavour tasted much like salt and vinegar though, the dill pickle mostly came through in the aftertaste, although there were several greedy chips, that I referred to as ‘the 1%’, that had hogged more than their fair share of dill pickle flavouring and hoarded their ill gotten gains at the bottom of the bag like cowards.

Still a delicious packet of chips and again, one of my favourite flavours, but could’ve done with a more even distribution of flavour, but what you going to do? Contents may settle during shipping.

sh1t settles at the bottom – 7.5/10

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