Primo – Caramel Crave

People crave many things, wealth, power, 10,000 followers on Instagram, but some folk simply have a craving for some good sh1t to eat. 

Enter Primo – Caramel Crave.

You see, when we crave a food we usually crave something sweet, salty or fatty as these types of food release heroin-like chemicals called ‘endogenous opioids’ into our brain when we eat them. Usually when we eat one of these flavours we become accustomed to the flavour as we eat and the craving subsides, leaving us satisfied. This is called ‘hedonic adaptation’.

The opposite of this is when we eat a combination of these complex flavours, with each ravenous consumption our mouths detect additional and varied flavours and we are compelled to have more and more. This has the awesome name of ‘hedonic escalation’.

This sh1t was primo, the first swig tasted salty, not intensely so, but conclusively so, that slowly transmuted into a delicious rich and smooth caramel flavour. Definitely the best Primo flavour I have ever had.

Fair warning to yous – gird up your loins against this sh1t – it has sweet, salty and fatty flavours, which will leave the weak of mind repeatedly caving to cravings, pathetically unable to do anything else until all the Primo is gone. Repeated use will leave one wandering the streets, using up all available resources on acquiring the next Primo – Caramel Crave, unable to perform even the simplest of responsibilities. Perhaps they might even stop posting on Instagram for a week! 

Luckily I have exhausted the entire supply of this sh1t within a 50km radius and after a quick withdrawal recovery, I am back and I can highly recommend chasing this dragon.

Rave about fave crave – 8.5 / 10

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