Pretzel – m&m’s

Pretzel - M&M’s

Last week whilst scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw several food review accounts writing about this sh1t and saw some brought to an euphoric frenzy, the likes of which I had never seen M&M’s invoke in folk before. I was curious, could this latest M&M’s offering fulfill my sh1teating needs in the same way?

Have we ever reviewed anything about pretzels before? Great, that means I can utilise the vast resources available to my research team and engage in my second favourite activity, learning.

And boy howdy, was there some interesting (possibly unreliable origin) stories steeped in European religious iconography to read about this sh1t:

One we dug up was that the pretzel was given to children as a reward for performing their prayers correctly. The shape of the pretzel was supposed to represent arms crossing the chest.

Another, more modern theory, is that the pretzel is a symbol of human sacrifice to the Celtic goddess Sirona, this time the shape is supposed to represent a type of rope noose in which three separate people could be hanged to death in the three holes formed by the knot. Not the most pleasant depiction of a threesome…

The pretzel was also used as a symbol of elite bakers guilds in southern Germany since the 12th century.

And finally the pretzel was hidden like eggs during Easter (Ew, remember those hot crossed bun M&M’s? 🤮) and was heavily associated with the Christian festival of Lent as they weren’t made with any of the ingredients that were forbidden during the observance, like eggs, lard and dairy products.

What an interesting piece of sh1t the humble pretzel has turned out to be. Let’s see if the M&M’s version can live up to all this holy hype.

I noted that these were pretty large in terms of M&M’s as they rolled out of the bag and the shell and chocolate were everything that we have experienced before, but the large chunks of pretzel embedded within were crunchy and broke apart into a wonderful crusty, bready texture. The savory/salty flavour was subtle and very pretzel. It went perfectly with the candy coating and sweet milk chocolate.

Holy sh1t – 8/10

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