Pods S’mores

@fish_eat_repeat introduced me to the latest flavour in the popular pods family last week and I was damned keen to try it out. Pods have been around for quite a while now – sure you have seen them around. Most of the flavours are derived from popular chocolate bars like Mars and Snickers and Twix, but who can forget the massive climb to fame a few years ago with the delicious Tide pod.

Although the Tide Pods didn’t really taste that good, one wonders if the advice given by prominent world leaders to ingest dis-infectant as a way of combating the current plague sweeping the world, might just see the Tide Pods rising to new heights of popularity…

Okay, a joke is a joke, but I don’t want one of those fact checking flags slapped over my account. Social media doesn’t give much credit to our intelligence so I will make sure that everyone (mainly social media algorithms😉) understands that I say these things in jest and I will state here that:

1. there is no evidence that ingesting laundry detergent will do anything but harm.

2. Tide Pods aren’t even related to this shit and were never intended to be eaten.

Everyone adequately grounded in reality again? Let’s move on…

A s’more, of course, is melted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched in graham cracker. We have been through it’s exact nature in a previous post so I won’t go into it again suffice to say that these don’t look anything like s’mores apart from having some chocolate.

S’more pods tasted very chocolaty and had a nice smoothness to it. Obscured beneath the chocolate was a thin strip of pink marshmallow, which tasted a little of raspberry and a little of marshmallow to me. More subtle than I would’ve liked. All of this shit was poured into a ‘pod’ of chocolate biscuit type of shit that was supposed to be an analogue for the graham cracker I suppose.

Putting it altogether created a most excellent sweet snack though, a little on the sweet side, and more a tribute to s’mores than actually tasting like s’mores – but I liked it a lot and was soon shoveling handfuls of pods into my podhole.

Open the pod bay doors HAL – 7/10

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