Plant based Jerky – Sweet and Hot – Off Piste Provisions

Yeah, ok – let’s start with that name – ‘off piste’ means happy and contented and is the opposite of ‘piste off’, no wait…It doesn’t mean that at all

Piste is French for track. ‘Off-piste’ means ‘off the beaten track’ usually used in skiing when skiing off from the usual ski tracks – literally off track – which is exactly where I am right now reviewing a plant based product, jerky, which I have only ever seen made from the flesh of animals. But, hey, let us throw sh1t to the wind and wander off-piste with the adventurous spirit that this product seems to want to impress upon us.

Opening the packet, I am first impressed with the decidedly meaty smell emanating from within, sweet and a little smokey, smells like… jerky.  

No meat, huh? How come it smells like meat? I see yeast on the ingredient list, a good sign as I know yeast is often used to give a savory, meaty flavour – because it has glutamic acid which is used in all sorts of provisions to make it taste like meat.

Is yeast meat though? Pretty sure it isn’t a plant.

Turns out it is a fungus, a single celled microorganism, but importantly it has no nervous system, so feel free to feast on yeast.

These tasted sweet and savory, with a spicy little kick, and, actually meaty. I am pretty sure that I would’ve thought this was meat if it didn’t say that it was mostly pea and faba protein right there on the packet. Because I know, I can detect a subtle difference, but vegan or not, tasting like meat doesn’t mean it is good. I have had some pretty sh1tty meat in my time… These dried up morsels of vegetable flesh were very nice though, I enjoyed immensely. 

The texture is worth spotlighting too, it was so very meat like, tough and chewy just like it should be and when chewed it started to break down into fibrous strings very much like one expects jerky to. 

Bonus sh1t: This has 45.2g of protein per 100g – avg beef jerky only has 33g

Let’s get piste – 7/10

Cut the sh1t:

Is Off Piste Provisions Plant Based Jerky any good?

Yes! It is as close to meat based jerky as one can expect to get, both in taste and in texture. I can recommend the Sweet and Hot flavour.

What flavours of jerky do Off Piste Provisions have?

Off Piste Provision offer a range of plant based jerky s such as:

  • Original
  • Hot and Sweet
  • Teriyaki
  • Biltong

They also make a range of ‘bits’ toppers for your salad, wraps or whatever.

What is Off Piste Provisions Plant Based Jerky made out of?

Mostly Pea and Faba (bean) protein.

How Much Protein in Off Piste Provisions Plant Based Jerky?

45g of protein per 100g

Where to get Off Piste Provisions Plant Based Jerky:

They have an online store here -> Off Piste Provisions

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