Pita Pit – Hawaiian Huli Huli Pita

On the 3rd day of sh1tmas…

Not only does this mark the first time Pita Pit has ever appeared on this account – I am pretty sure this will be the first time I have ever had Pita Pit.

Not sure why to be honest, but another major milestone in the annals of this account (no, annals. It means something different- look it up), this is the first time I have ever tried Huli Huli, because I never heard of a Huli Huli before. Time for some research…

Huli Huli was created in 1954 by a naval intelligence officer and a chicken farmer, named Ernest Morgado and Mike Asagi respectively. They started up a poultry business in Hawaii and would BBQ chicken at company meetings with farmers and clients. Morgado would use a teriyaki style sauce that he credits to his mother. It was such a hit that they started using it for charity fundraisers and the like until the whole state of Hawaii was selling this sh1t at every school and church fundraising event – the Hawaiian equivalent of a sausage sizzle, I am imagining.

It was named ‘Huli-Huli’ after the Hawaiian word ‘Huli’ meaning ‘to turn’ as the chicken was most often BBQed rotisserie style. Huli-Huli literally means ‘turn-turn’, I guess.

The exact recipe for the original Huli Huli sauce was kept a secret so it is kind of an interpret it how you like sort of thing.

In Pita Pits interpretation:
“Huli Huli glazed chicken & ham, lettuce, cucumber, edamame bean, red onion, grilled pineapple, feta, smashed avocado, spicy mayonnaise & black sesame seeds.”

“Our Huli Huli glaze uses a combination of smoky BBQ sauce and sweet crushed pineapple.”

I loved this from the moment I bit into it. Light, fresh, tropical, sweet and tangy, all the ingredients blend together in a perfect food for a hot summer’s day, or even a muggy sh1tty day like we have been having here recently.

What has this got to do with Christmas, you might ask?

I don’t know.
Shut up.

For every season, huli, huli, huli – 7/10

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