Pineapple Lumps – Ice Cream Bar

Ever put your Pineapple Lumps in the freezer? Well now you don’t have to.

Actually this is completely different sh1t, just in time for summer ending, along Marches the Pineapple Lumps Ice Cream Bar.

This cunning little bar slyly slid into the store freezers with very little fanfare and I had to rely on the army of Instagram food hunters to let me know that this even existed. My research team hunted far and wide for more information on this release, but came up empty.

No mention of it on @pascalllollies , which I assume is the bare bones, very sparse and unverified instagram account. Neither could any information be found on the facebook page. The Pascall lollies webpage was the saddest of all, redirecting to a generic Mondelēz International page which of course had nothing about Pascall lollies at all, nevermind specific releases such as this sh1t.

It is almost as though New Zealand’s favourite lollies have been cancelled and their reach on social media platforms have been limited, I am guessing due to the recent racism scandal over the name of one of their lollies. One can only hope that now they have seen the error of their ways and renamed the lollies in question, the big lads from silicon valley will return access to the internet to them.

First thing I noticed was that my ice cream bar had been packed into the wrapper upside down. I had to remove the whole thing and turn it around for it’s photoshoot. We don’t need to see the wrinkly underside of this bar, don’t worry little bar, I will only shoot your good side.

The chocolate shattered nicely as I bit into this cold brick, revealing mostly pineapple flavoured ice cream topped with a pineapple jelly. The ice cream was tasty and adequately pineapple flavoured, the jelly slightly tart added a little more depth to the flavour. It was totally reminiscent of Pineapple Lumps, and I am going to call this one a -quiet- victory.

Barred from social media – 7.5/10

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