Peyman – Soslu Karışık Kuruyemiş

So this is nuts.

I mean it is obvious from the picture above that this is literally nuts (and by literally I mean literally), (but in my first line I mean it figuratively), (but literally can mean figuratively now; so I guess I could’ve meant it literally up there too).

Anyhow, what I am trying to say is that it is nuts that nobody at all voted for me to review this sh1t out of the @turkishtreatbox .

We are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel because it is nearly empty (as well as figuratively because no-one voted for it). Wait, I am not going through that loop again.

Anyhow, again, we are almost at the end of the treat box so I personally went to my awesome website and voted for it myself. This is one of the few savoury treats I found in the treat box and I actually enjoy savoury snacks more than I do sweet. I have been waiting literally months to try this sh1t. But not figuratively.

Would you be more likely to vote for it if I told you that Soslu Karışık Kuruyemiş means Mixed Nuts with Sauce and the package (this one has english translation!) lists that it contains the following delicious sounding sh1t:

Smoked Barbecue Flavoured Almonds
Paprika Flavoured Hazelnuts
Barbecue Flavoured Corn
Taco Flavoured Peanuts aaaand
Crunchy Coated Cheese Flavoured Peanuts ?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

My anticipation was at a peak as I opened the packet with shaky hands. This was it. The moment I have been waiting for since receiving the box.

This was a very decent sized snack weighing in at 80g and at first I thought I got a whole sh1tload of the cheese peanuts and not much of anything else, but a quick shake of the bag demonstrated the extent of the tendency of heterogeneous particles to separate during shipping.

I ate this as great big mixed up handfuls and it was absolute what I was expecting: good sh1t. Tasted a lot like bhuja mix, but nuttier, spicy but not hot, and more salty with a slighty sweet aftertaste. I could individually pick out flavours like the BBQ or taco, but all in all I was down with everything in this bag.

Deez nuts – 8/10

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