Peckish – Zingy Jalapeño, Chilli & Cheddar

Peckish – Air Baked Layers – Fancies – Zingy Jalapeño, Chilli & Cheddar – Premium Flavoured Rice Crackers.

Wow 106 characters!! Is that a new record? 

And the award for longest product name goes to…

Peckish – Air Baked Layers – Fancies – Zingy Jalapeño, Chilli & Cheddar – Premium Flavoured Rice Crackers.

Sorry all, that’s it. I have almost reached the maximum allowable number of characters in an Instagram caption, so see you all next week for another sh1tty review.

I do have a little more space, may as well try these and let you all know what it tastes like as well as poking fun at the excessively long name of the product

If you have never had a rice cracker before, they are thin, crispy cracker things that, based on the name, I am guessing are made from rice. They taste only slightly less bland than a communion wafer and have about the same amount of nutritional value… sh1t all. The advantage of having very little flavour is they make a great low calorie snack.

Peckish have tried to spice the sh1t out of the humble rice cracker by adding jalapeño, chilli and cheddar. So confident are they, that they even added the descriptor ‘zingy’ to the name. Perhaps using a record number of characters was an attempt to further add some excitement to a cracker known for it’s inoffensiveness.

These definitely tasted strongly of jalapeño and there was a little bit of a spicy kick in there too – not quite what I would call hot, but certainly tasted of pepper. I could taste cheddar cheese also, but it seemed slightly lacking in something… 

Hang on, I have an idea. 

I added a simple thin slice of normal everyday $10/kg cheese and suddenly the whole thing came alive. I would definitely consecrate these with a topping first – a thin slice of cheese is all you need but perhaps a bit of relish or pickle. Or as the pictorial on the packet suggests, a sliced jalapeno.

Peckish have done an amazing job turning a simple rice cracker into whatever it was that they have attempted to convey to us with that word scramble of a product name. Does what it says on the packet.

Pick a peckish pepper – 6.5/10

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