Pascall’s JellyGems – Club Tropicana

These are fairly new, I think. I might be a little behind on my sh1tlist but seems only a few month since these came out.

These are the ‘Club Tropicana’ variety. I had not heard of these before and assumed this was it, but looking it up now, there is also a ‘Bangin Berry’ flavour of JellyGems. Anyone know of any other flavours out there? I couldn’t find any.

Anyways, there are more than one variety, but what the sh1t is Club Tropicana? I am guessing it is a thing because there is even a stylized palm tree formed from the letter ‘I’. Did Pascall make a special text graphic just for this specific flavour of JellyGems or is this some sort of a collab with an existing thing called Club Tropicana? Is it a place or something?

All I can find of this mysterious reference is a Wham! song from 1983 of the title Club Tropicana which is a perfect specimen of an 80’s song about hedonistic holiday packages. I also found a dance club in Houston of that name and am guessing that it got it’s name from the awesome Wham! song.

Then I found something weird…

There is also a website based in NZ: (sorry links don’t work in Instagram captions). It consists of only a single front page that says, in large picture text (there is that palm tree again): “Welcome to Club Tropicana”. Nothing else. No explanation. No links. Nothing. I am guessing it is a secret Wham! cult, but I know literally nothing about it…

Oh yeah so – these are little jelly balls encased in chocolate and there is an assortment of three flavours in the packet: banana, lime and coconut. Because the chocolate hides the jelly centre (or gem, if you will) you have no idea what you are getting until you bite into it. Sucks if you don’t like one of the flavours, but unlikely as I found all of the flavours sweet and inoffensive, vaguely tasting like what it is supposed to be.

Soft Jelly in chocolate with passable tropical flavours.

Welcome to Club Tropicana? – 6/10

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