Pascall – Tip Top – Boysenberry Ripple Lumps

Right, all lumped up and ready to go now.

Every time I turn around there seems to be a new lump and as discussed in the last post, flavour of the month is Tip Top Boysenberry Ripple, so how could Pascall Lumps stand by and not release their own version? Do we still think of them as being pineapple lumps by the way, or just Lumps now? 🤔

When was the last time any of yous had a pineapple lump? Fair chance the last lump you had was some other lump. We are incredibly lucky living in NZ where there is such an abundance of lumps. Most countries have almost no lumps – but here, most of us are able to go down to the shops, rummage around in the ‘reduced to clear’ bin and fish out at least 2 – 3 different varieties of lump. I am so pleased that that NZ guy bagsed the Pineapple lumps when Mikey Havoc was handing out the world’s resources that time.

All lumps are not created equal and looking back on all of the lumps that I have taken in my life, some lumps are good lumps and some lumps are lumps of sh1t. Excited to see what have I been lumped with this time…

Chocolate was, you know, the same as every other lump and the flesh coloured innards were very chewy, just like every other lump. Taste was fruity and berry-y not too sweet this time, a little more subtle and smooth. I could even see where they had tried to include the ice cream experience. Just a hint of something that conjured up ice cream, mind you, if someone hadn’t planted the ice cream seed in your mind, you wouldn’t have noticed, but now that I mention it, yeah kind of…

Comparing to other lumps of days past, this is one of the better lump flavours, I would say.

Comparing to Dairy Milk Block counterpart (last post) – not the same thing at all. The block is heavy on chocolate with a creamy and jammy Boysenberry centre and the lump has a thin layer of chocolate and has more robust, chewy boysenberry inner.

Forced to choose between a block and a lump, I would go for a lump as purely a matter of personal taste.

Brings all the Boysenberry to the yard – 7/10

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