Pascall – Peach Flavour Lumps

Inspired by Fruit Bursts

Ah, Pascall! Another day another lump of sh1t….

How many lumps has that been now? Like 17?

5? Feels like 17.

Remember when Fruit Bursts had a peach flavour? It was discontinued in ‘the early to mid 2010s’ the articles on the internet say. I love doing research on NZ sh1t, if you want information on something, (I don’t know like, say, when peach Fruit Bursts were discontinued) a quick google search will direct you to tens of articles on several websites with exactly the same information in exactly the same wording. It is like all of the popular NZ websites are written by the same people or copy pasted from each other.

Many of these pages also make mention of a Facebook page called “Bring back peach Fruit Bursts”. I am going one step further in journalism, to get the scoop on these established ‘news’ sites – I am going to do some simple math:

The first profile picture on the facebook page demanding the return of peach Fruit Bursts was uploaded on 25/09/12. Meaning, most likely, the peach flavour was removed on or before this date.

Further I found a Mighty Ape listing for a bag of Pascall Fruit Burst clearly including peach as one of the contained flavours. The listing is dated 01/06/2011. That, of course doesn’t mean they were still being made, but it does mean they were still available on this date.

By my powers of journalistic deduction, I conclude that the peach Fruit Bursts disappeared somewhere between June 2011 and September 2012. There you go, the most accurate answer on the internet.

When were peach Fruit Bursts discontinued?

Somewhere between June 2011 and September 2012

If you have more accurate information, please let me know. Fear not, I never reveal my sources.

Fruit Burst – Keyword ‘Burst’ – this did taste like peach, but not quite the burst I was promised. Hey, says ‘inspired by’, not ‘exactly the same as’ and compared to some of the other lumps of sh1t I’ve had, this one was close enough, in that it did taste of peach and it was chewy.

A lump sum – 6.5/10

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