Pascall – L&P Lumps

Pascall - L&P Lumps

Do you like pineapple? Too bad. Pascall has taken that pineapple sh1t from out the middle of the Pineapple Lumps and chucked that sh1t in the bin. Don’t worry they have concocted some type of L&P chewy sh1t to substitute.

When I saw this sh1t, I felt like I had reviewed them before, but that couldn’t be possible as they are brand spanking new. Could it have been a prophetic dream that I had? A premonition? Perhaps a physic echo from a future sh1teater?

Scrolling back through some of the previous exceptional reviews that one can find on this amazing account, I discovered that I had previously reviewed Pineapple Lumps flavoured L&P which sounded awesome, but actually was just sort of average.

Now Pascall has performed a reversal and put L&P in their pineapple lumps, hopefully it blends together better than the last time these two iconic kiwi foods came together.

I rather haphazardly popped one of these chocolate covered briquettes into my mouth and chewed enthusiastically. At first I didn’t really get much of an L&P vibe, it was just sort of sweet and maybe lemony, but as the vigorous mastication continued and the centre of this lolly softened into a chewy, sugary mass, I started to detect something remarkable.

They’ve done it folks. This sh1t does actually taste of Lemon with a hint of the highly elusive Paeroa flavour. I could even taste that attention had been paid to the soft drink/soda pop aspect. I am not sure how to describe, it is a taste that is reminiscent of and somehow makes a connection to memories of drinking a carbonated beverage.

This combo is well and truly a success to go down in your sh1tbooks for a try. I think this may be my favourite of the many Pineapple Lump spin off episodes and probably in my list of top 10 crossovers of all time.

Good Lumpy Stuff – 8/10

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