Oreo – Snowy Enrobed

Alright, judging by the winter themed decorations and vacuous music playing in the shops, I am guessing it is getting close to Christmas and I haven’t really done any Christmas themed reviews yet. I am really not a big fan of Christmas, it is my least favourite Pagan festival dressed up as Christian historical significance holiday, but I am sure some of you out there like it and I try to be less grinchy each year, so let’s see what Christmas sh1t I can find.

The first passable Chrstmassy sh1t I came across was this package of snowy enrobed oreos. It was the name that piqued my interest, Snowy Enrobed? Who has used the term ‘enrobed’ in the last century? The phrase brings to my mind images of druid elders, cloaked in garments spun from the burning snow itself, waving herbs, carving glyphs and chanting incantations, in a mystical clearing deep within a freezing woods somewhere attempting to bring warmth to the lands again. What could be more Christmas than that?

I was super disappointed upon opening the packaging and biting into one of these though as the white sh1t ‘enrobing’ the Oreo cookies were not snow at all! It was some sort of white chocolate based coating that Mondelēz deviously tried to pass off as snow. It isn’t even that white sh1t that an Oreos sandwich cookie famously has running between the two chocolate biscuits. Nope just some very sweet tasting white chocolate.

In saying that, these weren’t that bad. I like Oreo’s and the white chocolate flavoured coating just ramped the sweetness up to 11. Eating the whole pack of these would probably send even a veteran like I into sugarshock.

I actually think I prefer my Oreo’s disrobed.

Dreaming of a white Xmas – 6/10

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