Ocean Bomb – Sparkling Water – DBZ – Goku

Now you can relive the epic adventures of Goku and the Z fighters in sparkling water form.

Yeah, not sure how that works exactly, but hey, let us not let the popular original characters of the DBZ universe go to waste when there is more money to be made from their likenesses.

I opted for the Goku one and it is orange, I guess because of the famous orange Gi Goku and other students of the turtle hermit wore.

There was also a Majin Buu which was peach flavoured and a Gohan one which was white grape. I almost got the Gohan one, but then I noticed his short hair and orange gi – which makes this adult Gohan, and not teen Gohan as I first thought. The picture almost looks like kid Gohan though.

It is all a bit confusing to me actually, as the picture on the front of this can looks very much like kid Goku, but clearly he has ascended to super saiyan and we all know that that didn’t happen until the end of Namakian saga when Goku was well and truly an adult.

Probably the drawing is supposed to just be a cutesy, bobble-head, funko pop, stylised representation of Goku, but it served only to confuse an old head fan like myself. What the sh1t happened in DBGT? Didn’t Goku turn back into a child or something? I don’t know, I didn’t watch that one.

Any Dragonball nerds out there able to clarify things? I am going to move onto my area of expertise, which is the sh1t contained in this can…

This definitely smelt very strongly of orange. The scent of artificial orange flavouring filled the air as soon as I popped the tab. A swig out of the can was less convincing though. It only tasted vaguely of orange, nice and sugary and served cold was very pleasant and refreshing, but orange, not so much.

Also it was totally colourless which was unexpected. It smelt like it should have stained the entire lower half of my face orange, but magically it was completely clear, like someone had summoned the dragon and made a wish, but the Namekian one because a wish of this power would be outside of Shenron’s ability.

People of Earth, lend me your sh1t – 6/10

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